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Comfortable, reusable clear face mask with anti-fog plastic panel for easy communication.
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“Lipreading is particularly important for people with hearing disabilities. I quickly found that using Canamasq facilitated communication with the patients.”
Christine Turgeon, Ph.D, Audiologist, Clinique MultiSens Montreal

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CANAMASQ™ Reusable Face Mask with Window, Adult Size

The Best Reusable, Clear Face Masks for Kids

Childsize CANAMASQ™ Reusable Face Mask


CANAMASQ™leaf solves the communication problem

With Canamasq™ non-medical face mask you can lipread and see facial expressions. The anti-fog coating makes sure the view stays clear.

CANAMASQ™leaf solves the ear problem

Fully adjustable ear loops reduce ear pain and maximize comfort.

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CANAMASQ™leaf solves the heat problem

Accumulated heat is vented by the nose flap acting as a one-way valve.

  • Businesses dealing with clients: retailers, restaurants, hair salons
  • Education: daycare, kindergarten, schools, universities
  • People in charge of, or in contact with, the deaf or hard of hearing
  • Professionals : clinics of all types. CANAMASQ is both for the professional and her/his client or patient.

CANAMASQ™leaf means no more shouting

With Canamasq™, no more need to shout, repeat, or lift the mask to be understood by the deaf or hard of hearing, or by children.

CANAMASQ™leaf is reusable if hand-washed

Hand wash in soapy warm water. Do not machine wash.

Once you have tried Canamasq™ and see the difference, please tell your friends how easy it is to order through this web site. Canamasq™ is a secret worth sharing.

Canamasq™ available for direct sale at the main entrance Auxiliary shop of the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

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