Canada’s #1 Communication Face Mask With a Clear Window  

Canamasq™ is produced by earAccess®, a Canadian social enterprise with a mission to help people hear, especially those who need hearing aids and cannot afford them. We serve many such people in countries like Guatemala and the Philippines. We focus on children with hearing problems, having tested the hearing of over 100,000 children, the majority under five years of age.

When COVID-19 hit and face masks were becoming mandatory, the hearing communities we serve reported that the masks were making speech unintelligible to people with hearing loss, even for those wearing hearing aids. Our research showed that caregivers had trouble communicating not only with their patients, but with each other as well.

Our masks are made in Canada by Canadian workers. We serve our community in Canada and worldwide.

Communication Face Mask With Clear Window

Company News

The Canadian Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundation awarded its 2020 CANIE Prize for Woman Entrepreneur of Quebec to the founder of earAccess®, Audra Renyi, for her work to provide affordable hearing aids to those in need.  

This is the first year of the CANIE Awards as such, resulting from the combination of the long-established prestigious Manning Awards and Start-up Canada.