About the product

  • Is this a medical mask?CANAMASQ™ are non-medical masks for personal protection as recommended by Canadian authorities for the general public, and mandatory in some regions.
  • Where are the masks made?CANAMASQ™ are made in Canada.
  • How do I wash the mask? – Hand wash in warm soapy water, do not machine wash.
  • How to prevent fogging of the transparent window?CANAMASQ™ are treated with an anti-fogging agent. If after a few times washing the effect reduces, rub a drop of soap onto the transparent window and rinse only briefly. This prevents fogging.
  • How do I put on my CANAMASQ™? – See this video: Video


About ordering

  • What are the shipping costs?Shipping costs are displayed on the checkout page after entering your address. Orders of 10 masks or more to Canada and the US ship for free. For addresses outside Canada and the US, please contact us at info@canamasq.com for a shipping quote.
  • I want to place a large order.Please contact us at info@canamasq.com
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