Childsize CANAMASQ™ Reusable Face Mask


Facemask with transparent window, child size.
Each childsize mask ships with a set of stickers.

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The Best Clear Face Masks for Kids

Reusable non-medical transparent face mask with two layers of specially formulated mask fabrics: An inner filter layer with a 97% filtration efficiency of 3.0µm particles and an absorptive outer layer.

Made of two layers of special facemask fabrics
Adjustable ear loops for perfect fit.
Hand-wash with soap and warm water.

With Canamasq™ you can lipread and see facial expressions. The anti-fog coating makes sure the view stays clear. Fully adjustable ear loops reduce ear pain and maximize comfort. Accumulated heat is vented by the nose flap acting as a one-way valve.

With Canamasq™, no more need to shout, repeat, or lift the mask to be understood by the deaf or hard of hearing, or by children.

CANAMASQ® outer filter layer specifications +
Physical propertiesMethodUnitsTypical Values
Basis weightInternal test methodg/m²60
ThicknessNF EN ISO 534. 2005µm215
Permeability 196PaWSP 70.1 (05)L/m²/s750
Tensile strength MDInternal test methodN/m1 500
Tensile strength CDInternal test methodN/m1 150
Elongation MDInternal test method%9.0
Elongation CDInternal test method%11.0
Trapezium tear MDInternal test methodcN530
Trapezium tear CDInternal test methodcN630
Ratio Wet/DryInternal test method%59.0
Water drop testInternal test methods100
Stiffness Handle-o-meter MDWSP 090.3.R4 (12)cN130
Stiffness Handle-o-meter CDWSP 090.3.R4 (12)cN75
Filtration (DEHS aerosol, 8cm/s)MethodUnitsTypical Values
Pressure dropInternal test methodPa8
Filtration efficiency 3.0µmInternal test method%97
CANAMASQ® inner comfort layer specification +
Physical propertiesMethodUnitsTypical Values
Basis weightInternal test methodg/m218
ThicknessNF EN ISO 534. 2005µm57.3
Permeability 196PaWSP 70.1 (05)L/m²/s2 390
Tensile strength MDInternal test methodN/m737
Tensile strength CDInternal test methodN/m602
Elongation MDInternal test method%5.3
Elongation CDInternal test method%9.4
Trapezium tear MDInternal test methodcN66
Trapezium tear CDInternal test methodcN83
Ratio Wet/DryInternal test method%50.1
BrightnessISO 2470 TAPPI 525%73.8
OpacityDIN 53146 – TAPPI 519%25.9
Other propertiesMethodUnits
Water drop testInternal test methods999
Stiffness Handle-o-meter MDWSP 090.3.R4 (12)cN9
Stiffness Handle-o-meter CDWSP 090.3.R4 (12)cN4


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